Global Ocean Security Technologies (GOST) offers a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents and cloaking systems for any size vessel from tenders to ships. Our systems help protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion with contact sensors, motion detectors, infrared beam sensors, deck sensors, dock pull away sensors and many more. Our sensors, sirens, acoustic sound barriers and flashing lights can chase off intruders before the boat is ever stolen and needs to be tracked. A vessel never stolen is always in better shape than one that has been recovered.

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Say hello to The New GOST Specter

Award winning Vessel Tracking routes are automatically tracked and displayed.  Best of all, GOST features two-way on demand location access and geo-fencing so you can always get your boat or yacht’s real-time location right from any desktop or mobile device.

The New GOST IDP Antenna

Our new GOST IDP series supports a wide range of enhanced security and location-based M2M services for maritime fleets.

  • Higher Messaging Capability
  • 100x Higher Messaging Capability
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • 99.99% Global Coverage Global
  • Two-Way, Reliable Satellite Service

Realtime Navigational Tracker

Award winning Vessel Tracking application is included, where routes are automatically calculated and displayed.  Best of all, GOST features two-way on demand location access, so you or your family can always get your boat or yacht’s real-time location right from a smartphone.

Geo-Stationary Satellite Constellation
99.9% Global Reliability & Access
Geo-Fence Alert System

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Monitoring Sensors

The GOST Apparition system is controlled via interactive touchscreen keypads installed throughout the vessel. Available in the standard 5” version or a larger 7” model, the system can support up to 16 touch-screens though out the vessel. If the system goes into alarm, the user can simply touch a flashing icon and see the exact location of the sensor in alarm. In a high-stress situation, this can be particularly helpful as it gives the user precise situational awareness & a real image of the area in alarm.

Geo-Stationary Satellite Constellation
99.9% Global Reliability & Access
Geo-Fence Alert System

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GOST Cameras

Video Surveillance

Offering Remote Vessel Surveillance from any computer or Smart-phone, the next generation GOST HD Cameras features a 2 Megapixel resolution to deliver high-definition images. These cameras now come standard with the NEW GOST Watch HD XVR Packages.

Record up to 3 months of footage
View, search & download video remotely
Full control of PTZ Cameras from App

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Security Systems

The minutes between alarm activation and arrival of response teams is a crucial period, wherein thieves can still manage to rob you of thousands of dollars in property. Reclaim this critical time with installation of the GOST Acoustic Sound Barrier, siren or GOST Cloak which produces a thick and disorienting fog wards off intruders and deposits a unique, location-specific DNA marker on skin, clothing and stolen items.

Stops intruders in their tracks
Generates an unbearable sound and frequency pattern
Cloak Deploys & fills room within seconds

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“There are very few moments in your life that take your breath away and leave you with that gut-wrenching, helpless feeling than waking up to a beautiful Bahamian sunrise only to see your boat lift dangling and your prized possession taken.  After picking my iPad up off the floor, I was immediately able to access the GOST website and view the exact location, heading and speed on my 34’ center console.  A quick call to the Bahamian authorities with this pertinent information enabled them to apprehend and arrest 3 locals on board before they could do any significant damage to my boat.  Currently, I am working on another center console project and am insisting on the GOST product to protect my new asset and give me the confidence that I will always know the location and status of my vessel. “


“I installed a Magellan system on my boat for peace of mind. I am now able to relax knowing that when I leave my boat that unless I receive a phone call everything is ok. I also have it programmed to call me when my captain or children arm / disarm the system. Every boat I own from now on will have a Magellan system on board.”


“I received a call at 2a.m. from my boat, “M/Y Bravo, cockpit beam sensor intrusion”; I connected to the speaker phone and advised the intruders that I was contacting the police. The police arrived at the marina, arrested the intruders and found that they had burglarized many boats in the marina. I was happy to see that the GOST Phantom system did everything promised and prevented any damage or burglary from happening on my boat. The GOST Phantom just paid for itself in my book.”


“I received a call from my boat 24 hours before I was to arrive to it in Florida. “M/Y Toolin Around, A/C power failure”. I called the dockmaster for the marina and was told that they were working on the docks and the power will be out for while. I called a friend and he started the generator for me. I have a new level of comfort regarding the boat, especially when I’m up north.”


“Less than 48 hours after the installation of my Magellan was completed, and my boat was put into the water for the season, I received a call on my cell phone from a number I did not immediately recognize. When I answered, I heard “Moonstruck, High Water”. The second number it called was my rigger and he was at the boat by the time I called him. The float switch wiring on my bilge pump had come loose and indeed there was high water. Thanks to the GOST Phantom, it was fixed before there was any damage what so ever – a great system.”


“I live in New Jersey but keep my 52′ Davis Sport fish down in Fort Lauderdale for the winter season. I received a call from my Marine Magellan system alerting me to low battery voltage. It turns out that after my maintenance company sea trialed the boat for me, they forgot to turn the battery charger breaker back on. As a result my batteries were draining and almost dead. The breaker was turned back on, the batteries got charged back up and most importantly my fishing trip the next day was not cancelled. Even though I pay a maintenance company to take care of my boat, it gives me peace of mind knowing that the GOST Phantom is watching over them.”


“Protection of any investment is important, and my yacht is no different. Insurances won’t tell me where she is hour by hour….but Nav-Tracker has and still does… With my present work load, and the timing we wanted, I knew I was going to be confronted soon by allowing our yacht to be in the command of a delivery skipper taking her to Thailand from Brisbane….this will be our retirement playground and after spending lots money, time and emotion on getting the right yacht for us…. I had to find a solution to keep me informed where she is. Not being particularly computer minded, a quick search on the internet revealed many options, most relied on a mobile phone carrier and signal….not very helpful when she out to sea. It was not long before I found Nav-Tracker with the practical feature of tracking our yacht on satellite….this meant….we knew where she was, her track, her speed and did I mention where she was!!!! One phone call to Blake Cooper, and a few questions later I found myself ordering the right techno gadget for the right job. My timing to get and install the Nav-Tracker was tight, Blake organised the equipment, and even met me at Brisbane Airport to hand deliver the package. Installation was over and done with, in 30 minutes, a little more internet interaction with the Nav-Tracker web site and presto….I now where she is….anytime I want….no problems. We have been tracking her progress to Thailand now for the last 4 weeks, the delivery skipper has rang several times to let me know where they are….a quick glance at the Nav-Tracker web site….and yes…he is right….is where he says he is. I cannot speak highly enough of Blake and the team at GOST, the service, quality and ease of turning my headache into a simple quick solution has meant peaceful nights sleeping with the security and knowledge where she is at anytime I want.”


“Last June our 31′ Contender was stolen from our slip in broad daylight and in a fleeting moment our family plans for a summer on the water were over. While we were able to ultimately replace the boat we couldn’t replace our lost summer. Determined to not allow the bad guys to steal away our summer again, we installed an NT-Evolution Alarm and Monitoring System. Well, this is to report that the bad guys attempted to steal our new boat, however this time they were averted by our NT – Evolution Alarm and Monitoring System. We were immediately alerted to the attempted theft through multiple e-mails and texts. The progression of footprints along the starboard gunwale and ultimately on the deck reveal that the intruders passed through the infrared beam activating the siren and strobe light. Following the intruders footprints, it appears that once the audio and visual alarms were triggered they hurriedly retreated across the foredeck and over the bow, hopefully never to be seen again. The purpose of this e-mail is to express my gratitude to the Company for a great system that really works. Have a great summer, I know we will.”


“As for boat monitoring, the system has saved us a lot of time and prevented what could have been an expensive problem had the system not reported to me in a timely fashion. On two occasions we had extended power outages here in Naples, which after a 10-minute delay of normal power will switch over to a generator, the MM calls me to inform me of shore power lost. I then know I have about 6 hours max with my house batteries for the electronics which are mostly on, to get power restored. I can drive to the boat in about 20 minutes in most cases. Once we had a bad breaker on the dock, call from Magellan, disaster averted. Shore power plug knocked out of dock power outlet, while I was 150 miles away, Magellan called me, I call dock assistant, disaster averted. Hose leaking in compartment draining to lazarette, Magellan bilge alarm set below standard boat alarm, called and saved us a potential sinking. Low battery warning has saved us from allowing the house batteries from completely discharging as a breaker popped on a hot battery charger.Now with our new GOST Watch HD we have incorporated a forward bow camera, and a salon camera along with our onboard engine room cams and cockpit cam to provide us with even more security and peace of mind. If any of the alarm sensors trip, I can immediately see the major areas of the boat and record the event for possible intruder arrest. It is also handy in case of fire inside or down in the engine room, to contact the proper authorities to meet them at the boat in a timely fashion. All of this can be viewed on my phone or a computer from anywhere in the world, anytime, live, 24/7/365!The price of this kind of peace of mind is invaluable, and we are really more than just satisfied with our system you have developed. Your products and support are some of the things today that have truly exceeded our expectations, along with your fine customer service. Our hats are off to you, with many thanks and gratitude.”


“The new system is outstanding. The motion activation is exactly what I need for protection in a busy marina with all those crazy boaters and the constant activity from the restaurant. Cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate all your company has done for me. I am also very appreciative for all the help that High Seas Technology has provided taking care of the installation and their support sticking with us getting the issue resolved. The service behind your company’s products is first rate and truly sets your entire team apart.”


“My yacht Seas the Day is equipped with perhaps the most advance marine electronics available for a vessel of its size. All systems are truly redundant for safety. But the one system that gives me the most “peace of mind” is GOST. Whether a quarter mile away at my home or halfway around the world I can monitor my systems by my choice or know I will be alerted to any major system problem. Almost better than the GOST is the firm’s amazingly responsive and innovative staff—always there to assist.”


“Thanks to an awesome video/alarm system, these knuckleheads have been arrested. Because of the undeniable video showing them on my boat, they also confessed to 5 other burglaries saving the local police department months of work.”


GOST has been honorably recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for our ongoing assistance in life-threatening emergency vessel rescues & recoveries.

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